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36,6 (Apteki 36,6)

Apteki 36,6

36,6 ( 36,6)

The story of the «36,6» brand begins in 1998, when the management of CJSC «Vremya», which included just 3 Moscow municipal pharmacies, conceived the idea of creating a commercial pharmacy chain that would be an alternative to the state-owned chain. They developed the trademark and soon registered the company «Apteki 36,6». By 2007 the «36,6» brand united 1,000 pharmacies located in all the large cities of Russia.

At that time, the company employed more than 9,500 people. In 2006, the Farmexpert Marketing Research Center named «Apteki 36,6», Russia»s first national chain, as the absolute market leader in terms of both the number of stores and sales, and the magazine Global Finance named «Apteki 36,6» Russia»s best consumer-sector company.


Values of the Brand

According to Gallup Media, the «36,6» trademark has been one of the most recognizable among all Moscow retail companies for the last five years. Customers» trust in the brand is formed by the company»s unique offerings and certainty that a product under this trademark is always of the highest quality. Another key factor contributing to the company»s steady growth and the longterm competitive advantages of the «36,6» trademark is the company»s effective business model. «Apteki 36,6» was the first pharmacy chain to offer an open shopping format according to the supermarket principle, where shoppers themselves can select the products they need. Visitors save time because the shopping areas are divided into zones with special arrangement and navigation, and because courteous and competent personnel are on hand to provide exhaustive information about how to use products, their medicinal forms, shelf lives and producers. The well thought-out design of the interior creates the right atmosphere. Strict quality control and direct contracts with major pharmaceutical producers make it possible to protect customers from counterfeit products. Offering a broad assortment of more than 30 categories of goods for health and beauty, the creators of the brand make an effort to stock the shelves with many new and exclusive products.


Innovations & Promotion

In 2005 the company began the Private Label project, producing goods under its own «36,6» trademark products. Thanks to this, the «36,6» pharmacy chain sets new standards in the industry and thereby makes a contribution to raising the quality of life of Russians and improving society»s well-being.

The Private Label line contains products in several categories: over-the-counter preparations, cosmetics, health and beauty aids, personal hygiene products – the list is constantly growing. It has become possible not only to offer consumers a broad assortment, but also to save money on distributors» markups and services. In the final analysis, this makes it possible to reduce the retail prices of goods and make products under the company»s own brand even more attractive for customers. Experience has shown that products made under the «36,6» brand are some of the most popular in their categories. In 2007, «36,6» introduced its own «Natura 36,6» and «MedResponse 36,6» cosmetics brands along with the «Dobraya Zabota 36,6» line of cosmetics for newborns and infants.

Natura 36,6

«Natura 36,6» is a line of products for the face, body and hair on the basis of natural, environmentally-friendly extracts of fruits, green tea, soy, algae, blue flax, licorice and many other effective natural components. The innovation lies in the fact that many extracts are obtained by applying supercritical pressure, making it possible to preserve the maximum concentration of healthful substances.

«Natura 36,6» preparations give skin the necessary healthful substances, strengthen its natural functions and have enhanced hypoallergenicity. The developers took into account not only the needs of various types of skin, but also the age of consumers and even the seasons when it is best to use this or that preparation. The efficacy of the cosmetic products has been confirmed by clinical testing.

The line includes products for the face and body, shampoos and conditioners for the hair, shower gels, body scrubs and soap.

The subtle aromas and textures of the preparations are another merit of the brand. Natura proves that taking care of oneself can be not only healthful but also pleasant!

MedResponse 36,6

«The MedResponse» line of medicinal cosmetics is designed to solve specific problems of the face, body and hair.  The «clean skin» line is for so-called «problematic skin»: acne of low and medium severity.

  • The «special care» line is for skin with special needs and for solving specific problems such as dry skin of the hands, chapped skin of the heels, unpleasant foot odor and increased sweating.
  • The «healthy hair» line is designed to prevent and solve specific problems of the hair and skin such as dandruff, balding, split ends and oily scalp.
  • The «sensitive skin» line is for dry, sensitive facial skin that is predisposed to redness and irritation, with disturbance of the hydro lipid mantle.
  • The «intimate hygiene» line is for daily care of sensitive skin and improvement of microflora.
  • The «slim body» line is designed to solve the problems of cellulite and stretch marks.

All of the products of the MedResponse line offer effective solutions to skin problems while being as gentle as possible on the skin.

Dobraya Zabota (Kind Care) 36,6

«Dobraya Zabota 36,6» cosmetics for newborns and infants were developed with the participation of leading pediatricians and pharmacists and are designed for the delicate care of children»s tender skin. They contain natural components such as extracts of medicinal herbs and plant oils. Dandelion, lavender, rice milk, oil of jojoba and avocado gently act upon the skin and help to preserve its natural protective layer. The products prevent irritation and redness while minimizing the risk of allergic reactions thanks to their hypoallergenic components. All of the preparations have been clinically tested for allergenicity and have been shown to be very gentle on the skin. «Dobraya Zabota 36,6» products are also ideal for dry, sensitive adult skin and simply for everyday use by the entire family.

The Beauty Laboratory

of the Medicinal Cosmetics Center The percentage of cosmetics sold through pharmacies is rising every year. In order to expand its spectrum of services, the «36,6» pharmacy chain offers consumers a project called «The Beauty Laboratory of the Medicinal Cosmetics Center,» created jointly with leading producers of medicinal cosmetics.

It is a special zone within «36,6» pharmacies. All of the centers are laid out in the same style.

But the important thing is not so much the interior design as it is the individual approach to customers. This is where the customer can consult with specialists and choose a personal skincare program from among the best brands of medicinal cosmetics.

The pharmacy chain»s brand is characterized by the bright, recognizable blue «36,6» logo, the slogan «Pharmacy. Health. Beauty,» and the layout of the showcases in a uniform style. Add to this the convenient locations of the pharmacies, which can be found on the main streets of Moscow and other Russian cities, and it becomes clear why survey respondents speak of their impression of «36,6» pharmacies as «always nearby» and «everywhere.»

Marketing research commissioned by the «36,6» pharmacy chain has shown that visitors to pharmacies regard both the layout of the shopping area and sense of comfort as important factors. This is why the «36,6» pharmacy chain pays much attention to the company»s style. Beginning with the sign and ending with the plastic shopping bags, everything is well thoughtout at «36,6» pharmacies including standardized furniture, the design of the internal space, the layout of the shopping area, the thematic product layout, and the employees» uniforms.


Economy & Finance

According to the Farmexpert marketing research center, from 2003–2006 the number of pharmacies and pharmacy stations increased by more than 11% (at the end of the period there were about 24,000). Pharmacy chains, which currently control more than 40% of the market, are playing the leading role in the growth of the pharmacy business. According to expert forecasts, by 2009 this indicator will increase to 60%.

The strategy of CJSC «Apteki 36,6» reflects the general developmental trends of the market. The company is striving to become a leader in the field of retail trade in health and beauty products and be a preferred source of medicinal products and related goods. The chain already covers Russia»s largest cities, and there are plans to create a presence in all of Russia»s cities of 250,000 people or more. This strategy gives «36,6» a tangible competitive advantage and, in the final analysis, creates more favorable terms of purchase from suppliers than for other market players, which means optimal value for the consumer.


Achievements & Prospects

According to the professional community, the «36,6» pharmacy chain is the acknowledged leader of the pharmaceutical market. This is confirmed by the numerous prestigious awards that the company has received. 2000 – Winner of the First Platinum Ounce Open Contest of Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals in the «Pharmacies of the Year» category.

2001 – First prize in the Brand of the Year/ EFFIE contest in the «Retail Chains and Shops» category.

2002 – First prize in the Golden Retail Chains contest in the «Medicine and Pharmaceuticals» category.

2004–2007 – The «36,6» trademark is acknowledged to be a Super Brand of the Russian consumer market.

2007 – According to the Most Open Companies of Russia ranking of the authoritative magazine «Sekret Firmy», the company took 1st place in the «Consumer Sector» category.


Things you didn't know about 36,6

If you divide the number of items sold by «Apteki 36,6» since its founding by the number of residents of Russia, it turns out that each of them has bought medicine or other products from «36,6» at least once. The number of visitors to «36,6» pharmacies in just the period from 2003–2007 is equal to the number of people on Earth. In other words, during the five year period, everyone on the planet could have taken advantage of the services of «36,6» at least once.