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Reclamny Cartel

Reclamny Cartel

Reclamny Cartel

The Reclamny Cartel brand first appeared on the market in 2004, when, after selling the closing stake in Maxima Communications Group, Igor Yankovsky and Vladimir Yevstafiev jointly with the group of founders created a new advertising agency. The company’s shares were initially divided among four founders: Igor Yankovsky, Vladimir Yevstafiev, Yuri Fedutinov and Yuri Grymov. Creative Development Director Yuri Grymov came up with the name ‘Reclamny Cartel’ and developed the logo. The position of General Director was offered to Boris Yeremin, President of the Russian Office of the International Advertising Association (IAA). Later, Reclamny Cartel was transformed into a communications group that included the Elin and Reclamny Cartel advertising agencies, as well as the Garant-Media media agency.


Values of the Brand

Today, Reclamny Cartel is a full-cycle brand-oriented communications agency with a strong team of professionals (about 100 people). The company’s mission is to create: distinctions and competitive advantages. To make the client’s brand inimitable and memorable using traditional advertising and innovative promotional methods. Reclamny Cartel can offer its clients a broad spectrum of services: the creation of communications strategies and brand positioning strategies, the development of creative ideas and subsequent design support, the formation of media strategies and placement in the media, PR support, BTL campaigns, Internet media support, production of souvenir and printed products and much more.

On the Russian market, Reclamny Cartel has become a strong and recognized brand. All the company’s projects are distinguished by exclusive quality and highlevel creative work. Clients who are not familiar with the team’s previous work at Maxima can rightly expect Reclamny Cartel to develop and carry out only successful advertising campaigns today.

The values of the Reclamny Cartel brand are creativity and constant search and movement. But the company’s main assets are the experience and professionalism of its team. Everything depends on personnel. The ability to select people from thousands of specialists on the market, see potential in them and help them realize their talent is what distinguishes an agency and attracts clients. It’s what the market needs. Reclamny Cartel’s product is the bright idea that comprises the core of the advertising campaign. First the idea is created by the creative thinking of the agency’s professional team led by Creative Development Director Ruben Goltukhchyan. Then it is incarnated in interesting and non-standard ways of expression and presented to the target audience using effective channels of communication.

All the services provided by Reclamny Cartel are aimed at realizing and manifesting the client’s individuality, creating advantageous and attractive distinctions of brands in the minds of consumers.


Innovations & Promotion

Despite the large potential of for growth in the market, competition among agencies providing services in the field of advertising is extremely high. Competitors include young agencies and experienced companies, Russian agencies and chains. In order to compete on the market, to say nothing of achieving strong positions, it is no longer enough to have serious work experience, an impeccable reputation, a professional team and readiness to take on big challenges. Today as never before, one must distinguish oneself from one’s competitors and offer unique advertising solutions. A successful advertising agency is one that has a unique proposal in its arsenal. Non-standard and extra-creative approaches are critical to gaining an advantage. It is necessary to search for alternative channels of advertising communication. Traditional methods are not efficacious in a saturated market. The Russian consumer is spoiled and very demanding. This is precisely why in the competition for hearts, minds and wallets, integrated methods – integrated marketing communications (IMC) – are effective. There is no confrontation between traditional and innovative methods here. The boundary between them has been erased, and the winner is the one who unites traditional advertising and innovative sales methods: direct advertising on TV, in the press and on the street, on the radio and on the Internet, promos at points of sale, guerilla marketing, direct marketing and others. This is precisely why Reclamny Cartel Communications Group has focused its attention on integrating all of its work directions for product promotion. In each of its projects, Reclamny Cartel suggests a bright idea created by the creative team that is always the core of the entire advertising campaign. All IMC tools are directed towards conveying the idea to the consumer and reinforcing it in his or her consciousness while reaching the largest possible audience and achieving a high level of influence on it.

Special attention is being paid nowadays to the development of the BTL area as an integral element of any effective advertising campaign. Since its founding several years ago, Reclamny Cartel has created a strong BTL creative team that can simultaneously conduct several large projects throughout Russia.


Economy & Finance

The advertising market in Russia is growing rapidly, just as in China, India and Brazil. According to the Russia Association of Communications Agencies (RACA), the Russian media advertising market in 2006 was worth $6,49 billion and there is every reason to expect the market to grow by at least 30% by the end of 2007. And such a high growth rate will continue for several years to come.


Achievements & Prospects

Reclamny Cartel is one of Russia’s strongest advertising agencies. The company was united by vivid personalities: Igor Yankovsky (General Director), Vladimir Yevstafiev (New Business Development Director) and Yuri Fedutinov (Media Business Director and General Director of Garant-Media) who are in the thick of the advertising business in Russia and have earned recognition and respect in the advertising community and outside of it. Their varied abilities and talents have made it possible to create a team of professionals.

Initially, besides the founders of Reclamny Cartel, the group was led by Natalya Sokolovskaya (Director of the Client Relations Department) and Natalya Solovyova (Director of the TV Department). A significant portion of the managerial personnel were transferred to Reclamny Cartel from Maxima along with clients loyal to them (for example, ‘Bosco di Ciliegi’ or ‘Pic-France’). Besides them, the first clients of the newly-created company were ‘Panasonic’, ‘Oriflame’, ‘GUM’, ‘MEXX’, ‘DIXIS’ and others. The company’s key achievement is its longstanding and stable relations with clients and the flourishing of their business. Reclamny Cartel is rightly proud of its work with such leading companies as ‘Panasonic’, ‘Dentsu’ (a ‘Honda’ brand), ‘Mitsubishi Electric’, ‘North Winds Distribution’ (‘Budweiser’ beer), ‘DIXIS’, ‘MTT’, ‘Bosco di Ciliegi’, ‘GUM’, ‘Alfa Bank’, ‘Rosbank’, ‘Renaissance Capital Bank’, ‘SELA’, ‘MEXX’, ‘Sportmaster’, ‘GK Nezavisimost’, ‘Rolf’, ‘Automir’ and many others.

Reclamny Cartel has received the Silver Lion Cub Viewers’ Choice Prize for its work titled ‘Ten Years of TV-Park’ in the Lion Cub 2004 Contest at the Moscow presentation of the International Cannes Lions 2004 Advertising Festival (2004); 2nd place for its ad for ‘Panasonic Mini System’ VK 61, VK81 in the Radio Advertising contest at the 14th Moscow International Advertising Festival (2004), 3rd place for its TV ad for ‘Ten Years of TV-Park Magazine’ in the Television Advertising contest at the ‘Da… Yozh!’ All-Russian Regional Advertising and PR Festival (2005); 1st place for its series of TV ads titled ‘Service by Contract’ in the Social Advertising contest at the ‘Da… Yozh!’ All-Russian Regional Advertising and PR Festival (2006); and 3rd place for its work titled ‘Spring’ for the client ‘Zurich-Rus’ in the Printed Advertising contest at the ‘Idea!’ National Advertising Festival (2006). Reclamny Cartel in the person of its General Director Igor Yankovsky and New Business Development Director Vladimir Yevstafiev is represented in the Russian Association of Communications Agencies (RACA) and at the Moscow International Advertising Festival (MMFR) on the executive board, as well as at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in Russia as an organizer and director of the event. For its success and professionalism, the Reclamny Cartel team in the person of Yuri Fedutinov was awarded the Media Manager of Russia 2005 National Prize, and a joint project of the Association of Managers of Russia and the Kommersant Publishing House named Igor Yankovsky one of the TOP–1000 Russian managers and one of the most wellknown and successful representatives of the Russian managerial community in the Professional Services category.


Things you didn’t know about Reclamny Cartel

The company’s name Reclamny Cartel was concocted by director Yuri Grymov. ‘Reclamny Cartel as an ambitious uniting agency’.

Reclamny Cartel is distinguished by its powerful team spirit. The team often conducts team-building exercises. Long-standing strategic partnership with the influential Japanese advertising agency Dentsu.

Reclamny Cartel General Director Igor Yankovsky is a well-known actor of theater and cinema. He has worked in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. He appeared in such films as ‘The Investigation is Being Conducted by Experts: Case No. 10. Retaliatory Strike’, ‘Suicide Club, or the Adventures of an Individual with a Title’, ‘Married Bachelor’, ‘Charlotta’s Necklace’ and others.