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Aromatny Mir

Aromatny Mir

Aromatny Mir

The Aromatny Mir (Aromatic World) brand was created in October 1998. During its almost 10-year history, the company has grown from one Cash & Carry store to a major Russian chain of specialized wine supermarkets that has won the hearts and loyalty of customers thanks to the guaranteed quality of all the products it offers, as well as its high customer service standards. Today, Aromatny Mir has more than 100 stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Tver, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Voronezh and other cities of the European part of Russia. The Aromatny Mir chain employs more than 700 people. According to research from the COMCON agency conducted in 2005, the Aromatny Mir chain is now one of the capital’s ten best-known chain stores. Based on the results of a survey conducted by the Business Analyst agency in 2006, Aromatny Mir’s customer service and product line were highly rated by customers, with a score of 9,5 points out of 10.


Values of the Brand

From the moment the first store was opened, the company’s most important principle is to have an individual approach to its customers for the fullest satisfaction of their expectations and needs. Such an approach ensures not only a very high level of customer loyalty, but also constant expansion of the corporate client base. Many corporate clients have been working with Aromatny Mir for many years. The wine supermarket’s product line is rich and various. It includes cognacs and brandies, whiskey and vodka, liqueurs, balsams, champagne, vermouths and aperitifs and, of course, an enormous selection of wines from five continents. Here it is also possible to find such special beverages as mescal, calvados, absinth, grappa and others.

According to tradition, expensive and exclusive alcoholic beverages make great gifts, which is why Aromatny Mir stores offer a large selection of alcoholic beverages in souvenir bottles and gift packaging. Since 2005, significant attention has been paid to the creation of the ‘Aromatic Mir Collection’ of highquality alcohol beverages individuallyselected from abroad, which in Russia can only be purchased from Aromatic Mir. The collection includes ‘Satto’S’ whiskey, ‘Chateau de la Raillerie’ cognac, ‘Monmartre’ brandy, ‘Novella’ champagne, small-castle wine from France, and wines from Italy, Spain and Germany. The ‘Aromatic Mir Collection’ has won the recognition of customers and includes more than 80 brands.

Another crucial aspect of the company’s activities is constant and meticulous concern for the quality of every product the company sells. Aromatny Mir as a matter of principle does not deal with questionable suppliers and producers, regardless of the terms of cooperation offered. The company’s specially trained personnel carry out quality control along the beverage’s entire path to the store shelf, as well as during its storage. Having highly-qualified and competent employees is one of the most important components of the company’s success. Constant training of the sales personnel is central to Aromatny Mir’s staffing policy. Employees under the leadership of wine experts participate in tastings, seminars and training sessions at the company’s educational center. This is why customers are able to orient themselves in the large selection of products presented in the chain store with the help not only of signs on the walls of the shopping area, but also the professional assistance of the sales personnel, who try to understand the needs and requests of every client and can explain the peculiarities of the various beverages based on their own experience. Relying on the best international experience and offering the customer all of the various alcoholic beverages that the world has to offer, together with consultations on how to serve them, Aromatny Mir makes a significant contribution to the formation of the culture of alcohol consumption in our country.


Innovations & Promotion

The company’s steady growth guarantees its success. As the company’s 10th anniversary approaches, Aromatny Mir is writing a new page of its history: in 2007 and 2008 the company will undergo a rebranding, which will affect all aspects of the company’s business including company style, employee uniforms, sign designs and trading equipment. The image change was necessitated by the goal of creating fundamentally new stores that satisfy the needs of the most exacting customers, as well as the substantial increase in sales of premium products. The advertising of alcoholic beverages is strictly limited under current law, which is why Aromatny Mir’s main focus is on the promotion of products where they are sold. Tastings and specialized promotional campaigns such as ‘Product of the Month’ and ‘Special Price’ are conducted regularly in the stores.

One effective tool for promoting products is the company’s own publication ‘Aromatny Mir Bulletin’, from which the customer can learn about new products and promotional campaigns as well as get useful information about beverages and their producers.

The company expands in the regions mainly through franchising, a form of partnership that makes it possible to effectively structure and expand the business. No matter if the potential regional partner is a large business owner with significant working capital or a modest-sized company with limited resources, it will always be possible to devise a profitable model for cooperation. Aromatny Mir offers the former a master franchise – an exclusive agreement on the opening of several stores in the city or region, while the latter is offered a franchising agreement on one store.


Economy & Finance

The number of connoisseurs and aficionados of alcoholic beverages has been growing steadily every year. More and more consumers focus their attention not only on popular brands of alcohol, but also on products made by lesser-known producers, which, alongside the widelyknown brands, are broadly presented to the attention of Aromatny Mir’s customers. The company’s fine-tuned stocking policy ensures high customer loyalty (more than 70% of them return to the stores again and again) and is the company’s guarantee of success in the attraction of new clients. Aromatny Mir is Russia’s undisputed leading seller of premium alcoholic beverages. According to the ACNielsen agency, Aromatny Mir has a market share of 20% in the ‘Cognacs from France’ and ‘Champagnes from France’ product categories in Moscow, and 13% in the Whiskey category.

As a result of the company’s efforts to improve customer service and its product line, the company’s sales have been increasing by 20–25% every year.


Achievements & Prospects

During its almost 10-year history, Aromatny Mir has received many professional awards. In November 2001 it won the Product of the Year prize established by the National Trade Association and the Moscow International Business Association in the ‘Best Specialized Retail Chain of the Year’ category. One year later it received the Russian National Olympus prize established by the government, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the honorific award For High Achievements in the Socioeconomic Sphere of Russia in the ‘Outstanding Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises’ category. In August 2004 the company received the title Superbrand of the Russian Market for the first time. Awards and gratitude for fruitful cooperation from major international companies such as ‘Diageo’, ‘Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine’, ‘Pernod Ricard’, ‘Heineken’ and ‘PepsiCo Holdings’ are clear testimony to the recognition of the values of the Aromatny Mir brand.


Things you didn’t know about Aromatny Mir

In 2008 the Aromatny Mir chain will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of its first store under the AM trademark.

Aromatny Mir is the largest chain of specialized wine supermarkets in Russia.

Aromatny Mir is a member of the Russian Franchising Association. The company’s discount and cumulative discount program makes it possible to receive discounts of up to 10% on purchases. Aromatny Mir provides services to corporate clients.