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Eventica is a market-leading communications company with 10 years of experience in a variety of fields.

Based in both the UK and in Russia, it is renowned for its high profile events that take place throughout the year, both in London and in Moscow. It has extensive expertise in business-to-business and cultural events, corporate entertainment, PR and communications, as well as publishing.


Values of the Brand

Eventica is well known for its strong links with the Russian market and its hands-on approach, vital to understanding clients’ needs and objectives, especially in a fastchanging environment such as Russia.

With offices in London and Moscow, and experienced, bilingual staff, Eventica is ideally placed to facilitate a whole spectrum of commercial, political and cultural initiatives that unite the UK with Russia and the rest of Europe and beyond. The company also acts as a go-between for business and mass media through international press missions, briefings and other activities, drawing on a vast pool of contacts with Russian and international print and broadcast journalists. It provides services traditionally associated only with PR and marketing agencies and is frequently asked to advise on Russia related issues and to make suitable business introductions.


Innovations & Promotion

Eventica has evolved from a producer of tradeshows, initially promoting British goods and services around Russia, into a multifaceted organisation that handles most aspects of its own large-scale conferences and events, from logistics to programme content. Due to client demand, Eventica is now placing stronger emphasis on corporate hospitality and entertainment. This includes an array of high quality dinners, receptions and creatively themed parties that combine music, dance, sport and other popular elements. Recently Eventica has also made a foray into the world of philanthropy, with sophisticated charity galas and cocktail evenings boasting auction lots of highly original and bespoke pieces.

Eventica also organises one-off pop concerts, theatre performances and photography exhibitions in London, as well as large-scale, family-oriented public festivals, catering to a variety of tastes and incorporating both contemporary and traditional art and music.


Achievements & Prospects

Eventica is an experienced leader in business and cultural event organisation. Its flagship event-the world’s largest annual conference on international business in Russia, the Russian Economic Forum, is held in London each April. Eventica is behind the industry renowned annual Global Luxury Forum (London); the Global Investment and Finance Forum (Moscow) and it produced the International Herald Tribune’s Supreme Luxury conference (Moscow). Eventica also organises a number of social events throughout the year including the esteemed Russian Rhapsody in April – a concert and black tie dinner that features performances from some of the greatest Russian classical musicians and hosts an impressive lineup of opinion formers from music, art, fashion, politics, business and the media every year; and the highly creative free-style party Moscow Motion that brings together the young European ‘who’s who’ in the most memorable way (London).

In 2005 Eventica launched the Russian Winter Festival and its accompanying business dinner the ‘Old New Year’ Gala Dinner. Now in its fourth year, the free family festival welcomes to Trafalgar Square a combination of folk, contemporary and pop artists from Russia, as well as celebrities, children’s entertainers and sports stars. Its audience is vast, in 2007 clocking more than 85,000 participants. Eventica is also a publisher and the initiator of numerous press missions, roundtables and bespoke events; co-hosts sporting events such as the Russian Polo Cup in both summer and winter in Moscow and advises on other non-Eventica largescale conference production. Eventica also offers its support to raise money for good causes such as ‘Life Line’, ‘Give Life’ and the ‘Naked Heart Foundation’ and prides itself on its constant evolution and innovation, seeking always to bring a fresh feel to even its most established events.


Things you did not know about Eventica

The core Eventica team management – Sergei Kolushev (Chairman), Simon Joseph (General Director) and Edward Cowell (Executive Director) have worked together since the company was established in 1996.

The company has grown, surfing the wave of changing times, into a 40 person team responsible for the now wide range of activities. Many people to this day refer to the company by its flagship event the ‘Russian Economic Forum’.