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KIT Finance

KIT Finance

KIT Finance

KIT Finance is an independent Russian investment bank with full scale of investment and banking services for companies, financial institutions and private investors. KIT Finance Group also includes Russian brokerage and management companies, as well as subsidiaries in Europe and Kazakhstan. KIT Finance is one of Russia’s leading financial institutions, holding leading positions in all of its main lines of business.

The company employs more than 1,500 employees in 60 major Russian cities. Working with private clients, the Bank offers such products as mortgage loans, deposits, mutual funds, insurance and pension products, brokerage services, as well as private banking services. For corporations and financial institutions KIT Finance offers a complex of investment banking services, including the debt financing, IPOs and private share placements, M&A transactions, asset management, and others. As one of the most dynamic banks, KIT Finance focuses on bringing the most interesting ideas to fruition, constantly growing and striving for greater efficiency.


Values of the Brand Innovations & Promotion

The company’s many years of work experience, full set of financial and investment services, team of professionals with an outstanding reputation on the market, expansive business ties and experience, expansive client base, including large financial institutions located throughout Russia as well as medium-sized and small investors, are just a few of KIT Finance’s competitive advantages. These advantages have allowed the Bank to become the leader in many sectors of the market. KIT Finance holds leading positions among mortgage banks, arrangers and underwriters of ruble bond issuances as well as M&A transactions. It holds first place in the number of brokerage transactions and has become one of the largest managers of mutual funds.

The KIT Finance brand appeared in September 2005, when ‘Web-Invest Bank’ united its banking, brokerage, and asset management arms under the KIT Finance brand, simultaneously changing the Bank’s entire corporate style.

The positioning of the new brand began with an original advertising campaign with the goal of demonstrating the Bank’s new principles, new services and new corporate style. The rebranding had to emphasize the Bank’s ambitions: to provide a full complex of investment banking services for corporate clients on an equal basis with unique investment products for private investors. The Bank faced the task of, on the one hand, preserving the trust and loyalty of old clients, and on the other hand, attracting the attention of a new category – that of private investors.

The rebranding campaign was highly effective and already in 2006 KIT Finance became a brand whose values included relations with both institutional and retail clients. The Bank managed to increase its brand recognition by, among other things, conducting flamboyant promotional campaigns, the most noticeable of which was a contest called ‘Sing about Mortgage!’. The first nationwide ‘Sing about Mortgage!’ contest was conducted from 1–31 March 2007. The assignment of the contest was to write a song about mortgage lending, fill out an application for a mortgage loan and write one’s version of the song in a special field of the application.

Every work day, the best song about mortgage lending was chosen and the ‘Russian Radio’ morning show DJ announced and congratulated the winner. Each winner received RUB 500,000 toward the down payment of a KIT Finance mortgage loan as a gift. The jury consisted of bank employees. The campaign was broadcast on ‘First Channel’, local regional channels in 30 cities of Russia, on the radiostations ‘Russian Radio’, ‘Europa Plus’, ‘Retro’, ‘Silver Rain’ and on popular websites.

Thus, the people’s creative work became the best tool for promoting the people’s mortgage lending. The contest was enormously popular and a noticeable event not only on the mortgage market, but also in society, and it was naturally named the best PR campaign for the promotion of financial services.


Economy & Finance

KIT Finance is one of the most profitable financial institutions. In the Finans-500 ranking of major Russian companies, the Bank was ranked seventh in net profits.

According to financial reporting according to international standards, in the first half of 2007, net profit increased to a record RUB 3,8 billion ($146 million). Compared with the same period of last year, the increase was 36,6%. The Bank’s capital has increased since the beginning of the year by 28,4% to RUB 17 billion ($661 million). Return on equity was 24,9%.

At mid-year, the Bank’s assets had increased to 58% to RUB 118,2 billion ($4,6 billion). Based on the results of the half-year, KIT Finance was in the top 25 largest Russian banks by capital and assets.

Achievements & Prospects Investment banking services

Relying on the professionalism of its team, work experience and knowledge of the market, KIT Finance provides the entire complex of investment banking products and related services: arranging merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, obtaining equity and debt financing, sales & trading and private equity. The Bank strives to not only meet, but also exceeds it clients’ needs in obtaining the necessary financial services on the Russian market.

KIT Finance’s clients are major Russian companies such as ‘RAO UES’, ‘RZD’, ‘GidroOGK’, ‘Alrosa’, ‘Marta Holding Company’ and others.

Brokerage services

KIT Finance’s brokerage business is represented by KIT Finance (LTD), which carries out operations on the securities market in the interests of the group’s member companies, professional traders and individual investors. KIT Finance is oriented towards working with both financial institutions and private investors. The company has more than 7,500 clients. It is accredited on all the main exchanges and works with all exchange instruments. KIT Finance is one of the largest brokers, occupying first place by the volume of transactions with securities.

Asset management

KIT Finance has many years of experience managing assets through the management company ‘KIT Fortis Investments’, a joint enterprise with the European company ‘Fortis Investments’. ‘KIT Fortis Investments’ is a leading asset manager in Russia by both assets under management and number of clients. It has the most Russian mutual funds, as well as assets of non-state pension funds, institutional and private investors under management.

Private banking

The Bank’s private banking arm offers wealthy clients a full spectrum of investment banking services, pension and insurance products, as well as legal and tax support. A personal professional manager will provide individual investment consulting, recommendations of financial instruments and reporting on the results of management. The Bank is also prepared to develop individual products in accordance with the tasks of our clients.

Banking products

KIT Finance works on the mortgage market, implementing its own mortgage program, and is involved in refinancing the mortgage loans of banks and other market participants. On the deposit market, the bank offers both a line of classical deposits and unique index-linked deposits. Lending to small and medium-sized businesses and credit cards are new lines of business.

Retail bank

KIT Finance is striving to become one of the largest distributors of financial services in Russia. Its network of offices for private clients covers more than 60 cities. Clients are offered banking, investment and insurance products from KIT Finance and other finan, cial institutions.


Things you didn’t know about KIT Finance

KIT stands for ‘creative investment technologies’.

The Bank was founded in 1992. The Bank’s head office is located in St. Petersburg. The KIT Finance brand is international. It includes KIT Finance Europe, a subsidiary of the KIT Finance investment bank, which is registered in the European Union and a member of London Stock Exchange. KIT finance is No 1 in the volume of transactions with securities in the volume of brokerage transactions in exchange turnover of transactions with bonds and futures

KIT Finance manages more than 50,000 accounts of mutual fund investors, the broadest selection of mutual funds in Russia and has more than RUB 30 billion under management.

KIT Finance has issued more than 20,000 mortgage loans in the last two years, putting it in the TOP-3 in this category. KIT Finance has completed more than 150 investment banking transactions, arranged bond issues for major corporations and subfederal loans, completed IPO transactions and private share placements, and offered financial consulting for the reform of the Russian energy sector.