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LUDING is Russia’s largest trading company specializing in alcoholic beverages. The company was founded in 1993. Today it is the recognized leader in this market segment, the leading importer and distributor of elite alcoholic beverages carefully selected by the company’s specialists. During its 14 years of existence, LUDING has acquired a reputation as an experienced and reliable partner. The company is growing rapidly in step with the times using modern business technologies. The company’s assortment includes more than 800 premium brands of alcoholic beverages from the best distillers in the world and this number is constantly increasing. LUDING has branches in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. The company’s dealer network expands year after year.

The secret of success of the LUDING brand is in the harmonious mix of traditions and innovations. The company does not simply sell the best alcoholic beverages in the world, but informs the consumer about famous brands and in every possible way promotes the creation of a civilized alcoholic market in Russia and  the formation of a culture of alcoholic drink consumption.


Values of the Brand

LUDING is the exclusive importer of such producers of high quality brands as the ‘French Hardy Cognac House’, the ‘Yerevan Brandy- Wine-Vodka Factory Ararat’, the ‘La Martiniquaise’ company (the Scotch whisky ‘LABEL 5’), the ‘French Winery House Ginestet’ and others. The company’s rich assortment, exclusive contracts and many years of business relationships in the world alcoholic market allow it to keep its prices low. Thus, for numerous partners the LUDING Company embodies the optimal opportunity for cooperation. And for direct consumers, the word LUDING on the label has long been a guarantee that they are acquiring an original product for a reasonable price. Consumers strongly associate the name of the company with elite wines, cognacs and other alcoholic beverages. And LUDING is, of course, a united team of professionals, without whose coordinated efforts the company’s steady growth would be impossible. LUDING’s specialists bring new ideas to life and realize extraordinary solutions.

Due to the respect and attention that the company pays to its clients, products sold by LUDING can be found both in big supermarkets in Moscow and in small grocery shops throughout Russia. Amongst the company’s partners are the best restaurants, clubs, and hotels in Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as large corporations and private individuals who value exquisite drinks. The company actively participates in public life by supporting various cultural events. For example, as part of the ‘Year of Armenia’ activities in Russia, LUDING participated in the organization of a concert in Moscow devoted to the 85th birthday of the composer Arno Babaganyan. In 2006 LUDING became the partner of the ‘Moscow Fashion Week’ and the sponsor of Igor Chapurin, the fashion designer. LUDING actively assists in the development of Russian sport and closely cooperates with the ‘Dynamo’ men’s basketball club. LUDING supported the ‘Cinema Beauty Awards’ at the Moscow ‘Film Festival’, was a partner in the opening of the 80th Jubilee Season of the ‘LENKOM Theater’, and sponsored the ‘TEFI–2007’ contest, the country’s top television event.


Innovations & Promotion

Development of highly professional personnel is one of the company’s competitive advantages. Employees learn winemaking basics in their introductory training and during their work. Master classes are held regularly for specialists of the restaurant and hotel businesses. The LUDING Company’s Association of Regional Companies (Dealers Club) has been quite successful. Amongst its priority tasks are the expansion of the total quality distribution chain for LUDING priority brands. Business visits to distilleries, external training courses, presentations, as well as joint ATL and BTL actions for promoting the LUDING products are organized for club members. Specialists of the LUDING Training Center participated in the development of interactive thematic lectures about elite drinks such as ‘Cognac is the Music of Taste and Bouquet of Aromas’, ‘Sparkling Wines are the Fabulous Dance of Bubbles’, ‘Rum is a Drink from Barbados that has Excited the World’, and many others. An important component of the company’s success is its streamlined logistics and developed transportation structure, which allow the company to promptly process paperwork and deliver products to clients. By implementing international standards of service quality, using the most advanced business technologies, for many years the company has maintained leadership on the alcoholic market in Russia.

LUDING’s specialists carefully study trends on the Russian market of alcoholic beverages. For example, according to researches, one of the fastest growing segments of this market in recent years has been cognacs. Anticipating further growth in demand for this noble drink, the company constantly expands its assortment by offering cognacs from the best producers in the world. It was LUDING that introduced to Russian consumers the unique cognac of the ‘Noy’ (Noah) series produced by the ‘Yerevan Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory Ararat’, which has received high praise from experts and won many prestigious awards. The ‘Noy’ series includes five vintage cognacs: ‘Noy Vlastelin’ 25 years old, ‘Noy Classic’ 20, 15, 10, and 7 years old and two ordinary cognacs ‘Noy Araspel’ 5 and 3 years old. These drinks are distinguished by exquisite bouquet and unsurpassed velvet softness as if all the sun of Armenia is distilled into them. That is why they are so highly appreciated by experts and mere fanciers of the noble drink. By the way, in summer 2007 everyone could try the cognac ‘Noy’ during the opening of the world-famous ‘Dancing Fountains’ show at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow thanks to the sponsorship of this grandiose festivity by the LUDING Company and ‘Noy’ cognac.

The formation of a high culture of alcoholic drinks consumption is one of the main goals that the LUDING Company sets for itself. The company considers constant educational activities as an effective tool in this sphere, which includes participation in various contests, presentations, tasting projects and so on.


Achievements & Prospects

Products offered by the LUDING Company have received the highest awards of wellknown tasting contests and international exhibitions such as ‘PRODEXPO’, ‘Wine & Spirits Fair’, ‘Expovitrina’, and ‘Interdrink’. Assisting the development of the alcoholic market in Russia, LUDING finances industry exhibitions. Since 2004 the company has acted as the official sponsor of the International exhibition ‘PRODEXPO’, which is one of the largest and representative forums in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In 2004 LUDING won the international Pilar contest as the ‘Company of Progressive Commercial Strategy and Flexible Tactics’. In 2006 the prestigious Gold Star of ‘WORLD QUALITY COMMITMENT’ business prize (France), based on 100 principles of quality, was awarded to the LUDING Company by the Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) organization. For three consecutive years, from 2005 through 2007, the company won awards in the categories ‘Import of Alcoholic Beverages’ and ‘Distribution of Imported Alcoholic Beverages’ from the ‘National Alcoholic Beverage Association of Russia’. Based on the results of the open All-Russian ‘Leader of the Year 2007’ contest, the LUDING Company won the award in the ‘Leader of the Russian Alcoholic Beverage Market’ category. Every day for the company becomes a new step in business as markets expand, sales increase, and employees raise their professional level. LUDING confidently looks to the future with plans of reinforcing its leadership position and continuing to grow and develop.


Things you didn’t know about LUDING

LUDING is an exclusive importer of the ‘Yerevan Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory Ararat’ founded in 1877. In 1898 the factory was bought out by legendary Moscow merchant Nikolai Shustov. It was he who had the idea to present Armenian cognac at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. The jury comprised from venerable French tasters by common consent awarded the Grand-Prix to a product that had been previously unknown to the world. Beginning in 1912, the Shustov Company was the major supplier of the Russian Imperial Court. Armenian cognac from a special barrel that was laid by Nikolay Shustov himself was the favorite drink of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Four hundred bottles of this astonishing amber-colored drink were annually sent to him from Soviet Russia.

As the Bible tells, ‘Noah’, after alighting from his Ark on Mount Ararat, planted a grapevine there. This ancient biblical story inspired the wine-makers of the ‘Yerevan Brandy- Wine-Vodka Factory Ararat’ to create the superb ‘Noy’ series cognac, with its exquisite taste and magnificent bouquet.