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Mail.Ru is the most popular page of Russian Internet. About 7 millions of people daily use this number one e-mail service (over 40 million people a month). However, Mail.Ru expanded outside the e-mail service long ago. Besides the e-mail, the Mail.Ru portal provides about 40 various services, most of which are leaders in their spheres, including on-line diaries Blogs@Mail.Ru, social network My World @Mail.Ru, social search engine Otvet@Mail.Ru, the biggest Russian video and photo hostings Foto@Mail.Ru and Video@Mail.Ru, major content service Content@Mail.Ru, trading system Torg@Mail.Ru, chat and dating services Love@Mail.Ru and Chat@Mail.Ru, thematic information projects News@Mail.Ru, Afisha@Mail.Ru, Lady@Mail.Ru, Auto@Mail.Ru and many others.


Values of the Brand

Since its foundation in 1998 Mail.Ru has passed long way from test trial e-mail service to major multi-service portal. Mail.Ru mission is to provide Internet communications between people and make it comfortable and easy.


Innovations & Promotion

In January 2007 Mail.Ru Agent instant messenger became available also for mobile phones. In July the Mail.Ru Agent version for Java came out, month later version for Windows Mobile was developed, and beginning from September a web version which allows communicating without installing software to computer became available.

In May 2007 the social network My World@Mail.Ru was launched to assist users in finding their old friends and acquaintances, classmates, former business colleagues, and neighbors, and to get their news, to communicate by messages, to see friend’s photos and video, and to visit their guest books, etc.

In June 2007 Mail.Ru launched its own GoGo.Ru search engine. The search algorithm was completely developed by company programmers. The project provided a video search first in Russian Internet.

In October 2007 ‘Miss Internet’ photo contest was held and users from the whole of Russia were participating in it. FIAT, ‘Love Radio’, the ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine, the ‘ TV’ channel, and the Pentax Company were partners of the project.

To promote its presence in Russian regions Mail.Ru opened offices in Yekaterinburg and Nizhni Novgorod. In cooperation with major companies, TV channels and magazines Mail.Ru holds interactive events and contests for the users, TV audiences and readers. Jointly with the discussing session with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as a live show of ‘Soyuz-TMA-10’ spacecraft blastoff tothe International Space Station. Otvet@ Mail.Ru offers to the user interviews with flamboyant politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, popular detective story writer Darya Dontsova, pop singers and musicians Boris Grebenshchikov and George Michael, writer Paulo Coelho and many others. Diaries on Blogs@ Mail.Ru are run by Artemy Troitsky, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Sergei Minaev, Ilya Lagutenko, Timati, Dmitry Malikov, as well as such popular vocal groups, as ‘Blestyashchie’, ‘Gorod312’, ‘Nogu Svelo!’, ‘Quarter I’, and many others. The number of pop and other ‘star’ diaries is over one hundred by late 2007.

Mail.Ru team won the gold medal at the ‘RUS Formula’ car racing of the Moscow regional governor Cup. For nine years Mail.Ru stays the leader of the e-mail service market in Russian Internet: 7 million people daily use Mail.Ru e-mail. As a information sponsor Mail.Ru supports numerous major events, including concerts of Russian and foreign pop stars, movie first night shows, theater performances, as well as social charity-aimed events.


Economy & Finance

Major portals occupy the leading positions on internet market, which offer to users a set of various services, including two the most popular – e-mail and search. The most of Internet users daily visit portal. Mail.Ru is a leader of the Russian Internet. About 7 million of people daily visit it, bringing monthly audience about 40 million, which is a double increase against 2006. Most company revenues come from advertising. The Internet audience is extremely attractive due to its social and demographic composition. Its major stratum comprises young and active people aged from 20 to 35 with education and incomes above the average national level. The main advertisers on Mail. Ru are major world and Russian producers of goods and services. Mobile carriers, producers of handsets, computers, digital and household appliances, cars, as well as insurance companies, banks and the FMCG sector were and traditionally remain the biggest advertisers in Internet. Tourist companies, realty agencies, and software designers are also major advertisers.


Achievements & Prospects

Mail.Ru is the most popular e-mail service of the Russian Internet. The most of projects of the portal are the leaders in their respective categories. Every day 2,5 million users of the first Russian instant messenger Agent@ Mail.Ru send over 45 million messages and 800,000 animated cartoons. In 2007 the M-Agent version for mobile phones were developed (‘Java’ and ‘Windows Mobile’ versions), which allows anyone to keep in touch even if case of no computer around.

The number of questions asked in the social search engine Otvet@Mail.Ru reached 10 million, while the number of answers is close to 70 million. The project involved 6,5 million users in one year. In March 2007 the number of diaries on Blogs@Mail.Ru is gone beyond 1 million. Aninteractive talk show held in the framework of the Red Apple Moscow International Festival of Advertisements voted Blogs@Mail.Ru to be the best blog service in Russian Internet. The project attends about 3 million people monthly.

Video@Mail.Ru features TV programs of such channels as ‘O2 TV’, ‘RUTV’, ‘Russian Extreme’, ‘Humor’ TV, ‘Music Box RU’, ‘Music Box’ TV, ‘Bridge TV’, ‘A-ONE’ and others. In April 2007 Mail.Ru jointly with the ‘Vesti TV’ information channel arranged for an exclusive live show of ‘Soyuz- TMA-10’ spacecraft blastoff to the International Space Station, and in October – a live broadcast of the question – and answer session with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The number of videos at Video@Mail.Ru reached 2 million, while the monthly audience of the project comprised 4,5 million viewers. The Foto@Mail.Ru project (digital archives of the users) was launched in the spring of 2005 and in one and a half months succeeded to occupy the leading positions in its respective segment. According to mid-2007 data, the archives of the users accumulated over 120 million photos.


Things you didn’t know about Mail.Ru

Mail.Ru boasts the biggest number of registered users in Russian Internet. In February 2000 the number of registered accounts in Mail-Ru e-mail service skyrocketed to a fantastic high for that time – 1 million. The record was officially registered and entered into the Russian version of the Guinness Book of Records.

To print all letters received by Mail.Ru users in one day you will need 30 million A4 sheets of paper, which is equal to a space of 160 square kilometers. In March 2007 half a million simultaneous visits to Mail.Ru’s Agent service were registered. To compare: only the biggest Russian Luzhniki stadium can accommodate such a huge crowd. Monthly Mail.Ru audience is equal to the population of Spain, or two Australias, or four Czech Republics.