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Musa Motors

Musa Motors

Musa Motors

The Musa Motors brand appeared on the Russian market in 1992. Fifteen years later, in 2007, the International Automobile Association Musa Motors, the official dealer of leading world car brands, is operating with over 50 regional companies. Only in Moscow Musa Motors operates 16 car salons, eight service centers, 2 body shops, and 10 spare part shops with an inventory exceeding 45,000 types of parts and accessories. The company employs over 1,500 staff. The International Automobile Association Musa Motors occupies leading positions in Russia by car sales and defines to a great extent the main ideas of Russian car market development.


Values of the Brand

The International Automobile Association Musa Motors began operating in Russia in the end of the XX century when ‘western’ capitalist society was only emerging in the country. To successfully develop the company it was necessary to abide by material and spiritual values of tomorrow. Since the day of the foundation Musa Motors, besides the universal list of ‘traditional values’, such as targeting the client, respect to an individual, an active living position, and team work, always adhered to the dominating value – the freedom of choice. That concerns both outside activities of Musa Motors and the corporate culture of the company. At present the International Automobile Association unites the company with the same name – Musa Motors, the official dealer for ‘Volvo’, ‘Land Rover’, ‘Jaguar’, ‘Chrysler’, ‘Jeep’, ‘Dodge’, ‘Renault’ cars, ‘BMW’ and ‘MINI’ compact cars, the ‘Plaza Company’, the official dealer for ‘Mercedes-Benz’, the ‘Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow’ – the only official dealer for ‘Rolls-Royce’ brand in Russia, and ‘TC Motors’, the exclusive importer of ‘Chrysler’, ‘Jeep’, ‘Dodge’ on the Latvian territory. The Musa Motors Association is the major dealer of the car market.


Innovations & Promotion

The Musa Motors Company was born in Latvia. In 1992 Boris Teterev resettled to Moscow to open an affiliate. Some time later a ‘Volvo’ pavilion opened on the territory of the Pan-Russian Exhibition Center to become one the first major objects of Musa Motors. In late 1994 a modern dealer center in Vladykino district was started up.

In 1995 Boris Teterev, who at the time headed the Moscow affiliate, bought out the expanded business of the Riga-based company. The purchase gave a major impulse to promoting business contacts with the partners and laid the basis for future prosperity of the whole company. Since then Musa Motors has been persistently enhancing its market positions and increasing the staff. In 1995 the cars of the world-renown ‘Renault’ brand appeared in its salons, followed by ‘Land Rover’ in 1996, and ‘Jaguar’ in 1997. In 1998 Musa Motors topped the list of car sales in Moscow with monthly sales exceeding 200 vehicles.

In 2002 Musa Motors became the official dealer of ‘DaimlerChrysler’. In the first year of cooperation it succeeded to win over 20 percent of the Russian Chrysler & Jeep market and occupy leading positions among official Moscow dealers.

In 2003 the ‘BMW BorisHoff’ salon and servicing facility were opened in Yaroslavl Highway in Moscow. During the first year of operation the company joined the troika of ‘BMW’ leading dealers in Russia by selling close to 1,000 cars. In the same 2003 the ‘BorisHoff’ Company won a very competitive tender and enjoyed the exclusive right to represent in Russia the automobile of all peoples and times – ‘Rolls-Royce’. Thus, in 2004 a display of ‘Rolls-Royce’ limos opened in the building of the State Historic Museum in Red Square.

Musa Motors plans to shortly erect a modern high tech automobile complex, ‘MUSA MOTORS CITY’, which will impress not only by its scope and multi-functionality, but also by the territorial location close to the historic center of Moscow and the ‘Moscow City’ international business center. The project will occupy a total space of 50’000 square meters and overall investments will be close to $90 million. Musa Motors pays specific attention to the development of the partner network: a cooperation concept has been implemented to become a model for the regional policy of such companies, as ‘Volvo’ and ‘Land Rover’. A training, certification and personnel assessment program has been launched for regional partners.

Musa Motors offers to the clients exclusive car acquisition and servicing programs. Purchases in credit provide access to leading banks and various insurance programs. Besides the cars on sale, clients may order individual interior and accessories, as well as additional equipment. The trade-in system is operating, which allows the client of the company during one day to exchange the acquired car, also bought in credit, for another one by paying or recovering the price difference. Musa Motors salons accept used cars for sale and all such cars undergo pre-sale preparation. Professional equipment and highly skilled personnel of Musa Motors provide one of the best current and warranty car servicing in the country.


Economy & Finance

Musa Motors salons and servicing centers daily cater for dozens of thousands of clients. The company annually sells over 10,000 vehicles and keeps the leading place in Russia by sales of all the mentioned brands.


Achievements &Prospects

In 2006 the International Automobile Association Musa Motors won the most prestigious prizes of the car market and again topped the best of the best rating. The Company was awarded three top international awards for selling the biggest number of English-brand ‘Jaguar’ cars in Europe – the Best Jaguar Dealer in Europe, the Best Jaguar Dealer in Russia, and the Best Jaguar Brand Promoter. The same year the International Automobile Association Musa Motors was recognized as the sales leader for ‘Chrysler’, ‘Jeep’, and ‘Dodge’ brands, and occupied the first place by the sales of ‘Renault’. The ‘Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow’ Company became the best dealer in the sales of the legendary English-brand ‘Rolls-Royce’ cars in continental Europe. At the same time Musa Motors Company is among the best employers in Moscow and the best employers in the car business. Such assessments of praise allow to state that today the demand for Musa Motors services is high among the clients who prefer premium-class cars. The trust of the clients gives Musa Motors a mighty impulse for constant and dynamic development.


Things you didn’t know about Musa Motors

Musa Motors Company was named after small Latvian Musa River, a tributary of the Lielupe River.

The first Musa Motors office in Moscow comprised only two rooms in the Izmailovo Hotel.

The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow Company, which is a part of Musa Motors, is the exclusive dealer of the legendary English brand Rolls-Royce in Russia.

Musa Motors operates 11 brands, 18 salons in Moscow and 50 in the regions.