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Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

Sport and health clubs chain Planet Fitness is the largest Russian brand which made fitness available for people regardless their age, physical level of activities or financial opportunities and helped to form the right attitude to healthy lifestyle in our country. It was Irina Razumova who made the concept of ‘fitness’ known for Russians and brought to Russia from abroad the western standard of management, familiarizing people with a new way of fitness club attendance – ‘the club system’. Irina Razumova, a Vice-President of Swedish company World Class International in 1989, opened the first fitness-club on Kamennoostrovsky avenue in Leningrad a year later, thus marking the Russian fitness history. The present name of the Company – Planet Fitness was registered in 1997, when the first clubs under the brand name opened in St. Petersburg.

Planet Fitness chain integrates clubs in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Naberezhnye Chelny, Novocherkassk, Kiev, Donetsk, Minsk, Stockholm. In 2007 Planet Fitness opened 14 more clubs and today the chain consists of 58 clubs, 41 of which are operating and 17 are currently under contraction. The Company is constantly strengthening its position in the operational regions. However at the nearest future Planet Fitness is going to launch new clubs in new regions, such as Belgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg etc.


Values of the Brand

Planet Fitness is not just a chain of sport and health clubs, but a certain philosophy, style and method of work. Our activities are focused on our club members’ needs. We satisfy their wishes and hopes and will keep our business grow.

Democratic nature and availability – Planet Fitness offers a wide choice of fitness programs in different price categories for people of all age groups, physical level of activities and personal requirements. Made in Russia – Planet Fitness is the first Russian chain fitness brand.

Diversity – The unique concept of Planet Fitness enables to unite all the diversity of fitness under one roof. More than 150 various fitness programs are presented in clubs: 40 kinds of group lessons, 15 aqua programs, 20 dancing trends, more than 10 varieties of martial arts, and more than 40 children’s classes etc.

World Fitness – We introduce all advanced world programmers, original or adapted. Injury-free trainings – Total control of clients’ heath and measurement the levels they attained are checked by fitness and rehab professionals ensures, effective and injury-free trainings.

For all age groups and physical states – Today the chain clubs are attended by people of different ages, levels of physical activities and state of health, including children, people of old and elderly age, as well as pregnant women and people with poor health.

Team of professionals – There are over 5,000 employees, among them there are European and world champions and masters of sports. Being enthusiasts in their profession, they are polishing up their skill, and their achievements are highly evaluated by awarding them the leading national and international prizes.


Innovations & Promotion

‘The Academy of Fitness’

‘The Academy of Fitness’, a unique organization for secondary and professional education and training (registration number 015934 of 18.02.2004 issued by the Department on Education of Moscow Government) considers its main activity to educate and improve the qualification of post-graduates.

The beginners acquire academic knowledge and professional trainers advance their skills, enhance their knowledge about new fitness programs. More than 4,000 have graduated from the Academy since then. Supported by Planet Fitness, the ‘Academy of Fitness’ issues books, tutorials for the industry specialists. The ‘Academy of Fitness’ is currently developing regional and international cooperation.

Children Fitness ‘Trali-Vali Club’ and the nursery School ‘ShtanyNaLyamkah’ (Pants with Shoulder-Straps)

The childhood is the best time to form the habit of ‘keeping fit’. Starting already from the age of one year and a half parents and babies together can attend special workouts ‘Babies + Their Folks’ and at the age of 3, try a real fitness trainings for infants in ‘Trali-Vali Club’ and in the nursery School ‘ShtanyNaLyamkah’ (Pants with Shoulder-Straps). ‘Trali-Vali Club’ can be attended by 3 categories of children, such as babies (3 to 6 years), kids (7 to 11 years), and juniors (12 years and older). Today there are more than 5,000 clients aged 3–16 who can choose from 60 programs in the swimming-pool, aerobics room, boxing room, spinning room, gym and children’s playroom. In the children’s club the physical activity is represented in the form of interesting game-playing, dancing and vigorous lessons, which exert a benefit to the child’s health either physical and mental.


Main business activities

Apart from the main activity – creation and management of fitness clubs in Russia and abroad – the Company develops consulting and franchising. In 2003 the first franchise Planet Fitness club was opened in Samara and the second – in Kazan. For the time being there are 7 franchise Planet Fitness club opened in Samara, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny.

Consulting and distribution are the key directions of the company’s business. Since 1997 the member of the Planet Fitness Holding is Mega Fitness Company – an exclusive distributor of the world leaders equipment manufacturers, such as Nautilus, Stair Master, Sports Art that provides fitness clubs, hotels, holiday houses in Russia and CIS with professional equipment and sports goods.

Star Trac-Russia is a member of the Planet Fitness Holding as well and an exclusive distributor of the professional equipment manufactured by Star Trac, USA for fitness clubs, sports centers, hotels (cardio equipment, power units).

The Member of Planet Fitness Holding SPA Territory covers another aspect of fitness industry – the field of beauty. There are two brands in the portfolio of the SPA Territory: ‘Beauty Planet’ – beauty salons, and ‘Oriental Express’ – spa salons and spa clubs.

Today there are 13 projects in deferent regions, counting 240 staff-members all in all.


Achievements & Prospects

Planet Fitness is the general sponsor of the All-Russian Federation on Sport and Health-Improving Aerobics and finances the Russian national team in sport aerobics. Today the Federation has the status of the All-Russian organization and acts on behalf of Russia in former international Committees. The Federation develops and promotes aerobic all over Russian Federation.

Since 2001 the President of the All-Russian Federation on Sport and Health-Improving Aerobics is the Vice-President of the Planet Fitness Company Marianna Maslennikova, world-class athlete, and two-time winner of the European Cup in track-and-field athletics.

In 1999 Planet Fitness revived St. Petersburg Union of Hair-Stylists and Cosmetologists. Since then the organization has conducted nine Open championships which were widely attended by the Russian professionals in hair-dressing art, make-up and cosmetics.

Since 1999 the Planet Fitness has conducted six International Congresses for amateurs and professionals of a healthy lifestyle. The number of the participants is constantly growing. For instance, during the 6th International Congress of Planet Fitness more then 250 hours was spent on lectures, seminars, workshops and master classes. The event assembled 11 presentation sites with the total area of 30,000 m2.

Planet Fitness initiates and supports social projects aimed at education in the field of physical activity and healthy lifestyle to the next generation, such as the annual exhibition ‘Fitness Moscow’, the Fitness Festival ‘F2’ (projects launched by Moscow Government). The Company donates sponsorship money to several events for charity founds.

By results of the year 2006 the chain of sports and health clubs Planet Fitness was named the Brand of the Year/EFFIE in the ‘Services’ category.


Things you didn’t know about Planet Fitness

In 2003 Planet Fitness became a member of International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association (IHRSA). Planet Fitness is the first Russian chain fitness brand opened clubs in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden, e. g. represented abroad. On the whole, about 25% of Russians involved in fitness attend Planet Fitness clubs.

Total area of the chain clubs – over 175,000 m2. For the time being the number of visitors of Planet Fitness makes up over 180,000 of people.