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Russian Standard Bank

Russian Standard Bank


The Russian Standard Bank was founded in 1999. At present the bank is among the major national financial institutions of the federal scope. The Bank offers credit programs to the population in over two thousand towns of the country. In 2006 the Russian Standard Bank launched banking transactions in Ukraine and will continue to expand to the markets of other CIS countries in the coming years.


Values of the Brand

In 2007 the Russian Standard Bank was second by recognizability after ‘Sberbank’ and the first among private Russian banks. According to a research of ‘GfK Rus’ agency of the coverage and memorability of bank advertisements, 20,3% of adult population saw and remembered the ads and commercials of the Russian Standard Bank.

The Bank communicates such socially important values, as the freedom of choice, confidence in present day, and desire for greater achievements.

The name of the Russian Standard Bank reflects the ideology and principles of its activities. Compliance with the ‘Russian Standard’ in banking activities means to develop and adapt modern standards of financial management to the domestic market and the needs of Russian clients. The essence of the ideology is to declare and demonstrate new business standards in Russia.

Creation. ‘We create values, we do not redistribute them’.

Trust. ‘We operate fairly and we are trusted’.

Perfection. ‘Everything we create is reliable and attractive’.

Experience. We are building the future and we remember the lessons of the past.

Patriotism. ‘We are working for the benefit of Russia’.


Innovations & Promotion

In July 2007 a Russian Standard Bank commercial was aired by federal TV channels to advocate the advantages of credit cards. ‘McCann Erickson’ agency designed the strategy and artistic creation.

The cards of the Bank, which occupies leading positions in consumer crediting, target mass consumers. The company clearly and simply explained the advantages of the cards by engaging distinctive traits of Russian show and cinema stars. Thus, the first commercial featured small but charming and popular actor Yevgeny Stychkin, who told the cashier about a low interest rate, while in the second commercial ‘Big Man’ Vladimir Turchinsky nicknamed ‘Dynamite’ spoke about a long easy-term period.


Economy & Finance

The Russian Standard Bank closed jointstock company is the leading private bank on the market of credits to the population. At present the number of bank’s clients exceeds 22 million, while a total of over $12 billion were issued as credits to the population.

The Russian Standard Bank issued for its clients over 20 million credit cards, and in 2005 began to issue and service ‘American Express’ cards on the Russian territory. Trade partners of the bank exceed 50,000 entities. The Russian Standard Bank is among major Russian banks by all key financial indicators. The bank occupies high positions in the ratings of 1000 major world banking institutions and 300 major banks of Europe produced by the influential British journal The Banker.

The Russian Standard Bank successful development was confirmed by leading international rating agencies. The bank enjoys the highest ratings assigned by the agencies to Russian financial institutions.’ Standard&Poor’s assigned to the Russian Standard Bank the ‘BB-’ (‘stable outlook’) rating, while ‘Moody’s – ‘Ba2’ (‘stable outlook’).


Achievements & Prospects

Leader of the national market of credits to private individuals

Credit programs in over two thousand towns of the country

Over 22 million clients among private individuals

Over 20 million credit cards

Over $12 billion of issued credits

24 hours a day, seven days a week,

365 days a year


Things you didn’t know about Russian Standard Bank

The logo of the Russian Standard Bank features a bear and an eagle. The bear symbolizes strength, and the eagle – wisdom. The symbols are traditionally associated with Russia. The logo also identifies the companies of the Russian Standard Group.